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  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #8

    17 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Hong Kong I’m on a cruise ship in the middle of an ocean. There isn’t much wildlife here. In that case, I will tell about another sighting from my walk up to Dragon Peak in Hong Kong (Day #6). The sweltering rays sizzled down at me from the scorching sun. Standing still only made… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #7

    17 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Hong Kong At first glance, there wasn’t much in terms of wildlife in the cities of Hong Kong. Sure, there was the occasional flock of pigeons, or little fly buzzing in my ear, but they surely weren’t that exciting to see. During an exhausting walk through the boiling city, again, I happened to pass… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #6

    13 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Hong Kong Imagine walking through a dense forest path in the middle of nowhere. Pointed stones are jutting from jagged rocks and gnarled branches that take pleasure in grabbing the feet of unwary hikers. To your immediate left is a steep drop off to what would be certain doom. You would have to keep… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #5

    13 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Hong Kong The path was covered in a dense black fog. Stringy branches and dripping leaves hung overhead. Giant crickets chirped and orange lamplights cast an eerie glow through the mist. The weak little light of my iPhone8 scanned the slick rock wall for any signs of life. I found rolling beads of water… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #4

    12 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Geneva, Switzerland A whirring buzz sounded over my head, and a small gust of wind followed in its wake. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. And It wasn’t a fighter jet. It was another bee. But this one was big; really big. It made the white-tailed bumblebee I saw the other day… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #3

    12 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Geneva, Switzerland Flowers are attractive to many, but there is one creature who loves them most of all. And this one plot of dazzling violet flowers I happened to pass by was swarming with these pollen lovers. One of these bees in particular caught my eye. I wondered if it had dipped its tail… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #2

    11 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Haute-Savoie, France We pushed through the open field with lively strides and buoyant expressions. It was a lovely day. Vibrant greens dotted with brilliant yellows, and bright blues sprayed with willowy whites were pictures to my eyes. Then a sparkling turquoise dot flashed before my eyes. My head flicked to the side and there… Read more

  • 2019 Trip: Find of the Day #1

    10 Aug 2019 by

    I am currently in Geneva, Switzerland for the beginning of a 2 week family vacation, where I have plenty of adventures ahead of me! I have my eyes peeled and ready to zoom in on every leaf and speck of dirt I pass by in hopes of adding many more interesting critters to my photo… Read more

  • Seafood

    5 Aug 2019 by

    Location: Grand Turk The boat bounced on the waves as it sped across the open ocean. Cold air blasted my bare flesh and I shivered to keep warm. It was a long boat ride to the middle of nowhere. Our tour guide kept us busy as he gave instruction on the regular snorkeling safety precautions,… Read more

  • A Shocking Revenge – Pokémon Fanfiction

    3 Aug 2019 by

    This is a remake of the first Pokemon anime episode, written in Pikachu’s perspective. It is approximately 2700 words and I wrote it in early 2018 for a school fan-fiction competition. I just wanted to share one of the first short stories I had ever written.

  • Top of Europe

    31 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Bernese Alps, Switzerland We started at the top of Europe, in the snow crested peaks of Jungfrau. Despite the snow, and our extremely high elevation, it was not cold. Surprisingly, I felt perfectly fine in shorts and a t-shirt. It felt like I was in another world, so high up and far away from… Read more

  • Caves of Curaçao

    28 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Curaçao Date: August 14, 2018 We sat on the bus. Waiting…. and waiting… and waiting. Our guide had left to fetch the driver nearly ten minutes ago, after waiting twenty minutes before that, telling us she would arrive any time soon. My family and I decided maybe it would be better to explore the… Read more

  • Aruba Aruba

    26 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Aruba Date: August 13, 2018 As the tour bus roamed the mud-caked roads of Aruba, I was thoroughly surprised. I had thought the island would be a scene of vibrant greens with flowing blue streams, but instead, the world was coated in cacti and sand. The houses too, seemed to be built in the… Read more

  • Pets

    25 Jul 2019 by

    My family and I own nearly 2 dozen pets, from guinea pigs to axolotls, in a room we like to call our Mini Zoo. Taking care of them is a joy and watching them grow from babies into adults is even more fun.

  • Bouncing on The Edge

    24 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Rogaland, Norway It was bright and early, 8 in the morning and my family and I were ready to walk. We hopped out of the car, excited to continue our 2017 Epic European Road Trip. We were tired after early mornings and very short sleeps, especially my dad who did all the driving from… Read more

  • Into the Badlands

    23 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Ontario, Canada Just recently, my family and I ventured up to Caledon to see the Cheltenham Badlands. Our trip began through a deer fly infested path, with long-limbed trees stretching their arms across our way. And when I say, infested with deer flies, I mean it; there were hundreds of them. There was a… Read more

  • The Buzzing Beach

    21 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Nandayure, Costa Rica The heat was unbearable. Scorching rays seared my flesh. Sweat seeped from every pore in my flesh. My head spun. My vision was double. 42 degrees Celsius. 42 degrees, with minimal water and a physically demanding task to complete. Our job was to move several massive piles of sticks and logs… Read more

  • Ice Cold

    19 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Húsavik, Iceland In a heavy suit and thick rubber boots, I trudged onto the boat. The straps of my life jacket were uncomfortably tight. It was cold too; so cold that I shivered even in my four layers of clothes.

  • Bugs!

    18 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Costa Rica My week long trip to Costa Rica left me with lifelong memories, but more importantly, a much expanded photo collection. I saw birds and basilisks, monkeys and sloths, frogs and toads; all things that I love. But along my journey, between cracks on logs, beneath mounds of dirt, camouflaging against leaves, and… Read more

  • Beautiful Birds

    16 Jul 2019 by

    Location: Puntarenas, Costa Rica It was another busy day in Costa Rica. I had spent the previous four hours on an exceptionally slow bus ride from Upala to Puntarenas, which left me very drowsy. I was glad to finally arrive at our destination to stretch my legs and exercise my cramps. It was going to… Read more

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