Bouncing on The Edge

Location: Rogaland, Norway

It was bright and early, 8 in the morning and my family and I were ready to walk. We hopped out of the car, excited to continue our 2017 Epic European Road Trip.

We were tired after early mornings and very short sleeps, especially my dad who did all the driving from country to country, but we could always find the energy to hike.

The first thing we did was take a quick look at the waterfall that flowed right next to the parking lot.

We began onto the rocky path, which was exceptionally wet and slippery from the previous night’s downpour. I was very careful with every step, fearing that if I lost my balance, I would fall and smash my head off a jagged rock. Thankfully, the path near the beginning was relatively flat and easy to traverse.

But I still had a ways to go.

Not too far into the hike, we stepped into a beautiful open expanse with vibrant greens and brilliant blues. We traversed a boardwalk built over a grassy field which was soaked with water, and took pictures of the beautiful sights along the way.

We entered the woodland, and the uphill began.

It was a long, long, long way up. The path turned into a craggy sheet of rocks, with steep inclines and deep pits of mud. I was very careful with my footing; a slip would not be fun.

We passed several exhausted hikers on our way up with bright smiles on our faces.

It was a good thing we arrived so early; only a few others were out on this popular hike. I never liked dodging past people.

I stopped frequently to snap photos and look over the edge. The scene was something else entirely; a picturesque image that made me feel like I was in another world.

And then, after one final push over a steep ledge, we made it.

Pulpit Rock ( Preikestolen )

I cannot fully describe how spectacular the scene was, but I found myself gasping in awe. Here, at the top of Pulpit Rock, were the best views I had ever seen. There are not enough words to describe the happiness I felt, standing atop the cliff, gazing over the edge with wide eyes and a smile.

I will let my pictures tell.

Boating through the Lysefjord
Lysefjord from top of Pulpit Rock
Lysefjord front view
Cliff Face
Hiking up to top of Pulpit Rock

My family and I stayed there a while, enjoying the calming views and cooling wind.

At some point, a group of people formed in front of us, and began to set up some sort of contraption. I guessed maybe it was a massive camera setup, or maybe a big hammock.

But it wasn’t either of those…

It was a trampoline!

A group of kids from some sort of club were getting ready to entertain the crowd by bouncing on the edge.

My family and I didn’t stay to watch, we had to get moving to get to the next part of our jam-packed road trip.

As we began our descent down the slippery path, I looked back one last time, and saw something that baffled my mind.

Man sitting on edge of Pulpit Rock

All I could think was, what is that guy thinking? One small slip and… well… it would be a long way down. A very long way down.

Our way back to our car took much less time than the way up. Despite the uneven and wet surfaces, and the increase in hikers, we found a need to race down and move on to the next part of our Epic European Adventure.

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