A Shocking Revenge – Pokémon Fanfiction

This is a remake of the first Pokemon anime episode, written in Pikachu’s perspective. It is approximately 2700 words and I wrote it in early 2018 for a school fan-fiction competition. I just wanted to share one of the first short stories I had ever written.

He sat there. Cold. Alone. Lost. Suffering beyond words could describe. He could hardly remember the dazzling outline of his mother’s brilliant yellow coat, and the comfort her compassionate brown eyes sent his way every morning.

He felt a small tear roll down his rosy cheek. Those times were gone. He recalled the day he lost it all; it replayed itself constantly in his mind, reminding him of the sorrow and pain he felt.

It was a day like any other; the sun was bright, sending a warmth through the leaves of the lush green trees to the velvety grass below. He and four of his younger siblings were out playing in the depths of Viridian Forest, the safest place in all the Kanto Region.

That is when it happened. He watched in terror as a giant monster plowed through the tall dark grass toward his helpless little brother. The creature was hideous; a mop of wilting grey fur sprouted from the top of his foul face, wicked smile spread and villainous brows furrowed. A filthy white coat covered his wrinkled pink flesh, and gripped in his grubby hand was a small red and white ball.

It was a human; the terrible beasts who stormed through the land, stealing innocent Pokémon from their homes, torturing them and forcing them to fight each other to near death. It was not a fate he could imagine for anyone in his family, and he would not let this fiend take his brother.

Down on all fours, he sprinted forward. One step after another he pushed ahead, huffing for breath, eyes set on his target. But he was too slow. The human captured his poor brother with a broad grin plastered to his devilish face. The rage he felt at that moment was tremendous, and he felt his body surge with power. He leapt toward the human, spinning through the air, and hurled a mighty bolt of electricity. It should have brought the beast tumbling down, but it seemed unfazed by the attack.

The human flashed a wide smile. “Oh wow, I can’t believe my luck! Another Pikachu, and this one is a feisty little guy too!” Those were the last words he heard before he was sucked up.

Never again did he see the light of day; never again did he lay his eyes upon the heartwarming figures of his younger siblings; never again did he touch foot in the comfort of his home, or feel the soft touch of the sun upon his cheeks. His mother was probably grieving, looking for her lost children, cursing the dreaded humans who took them from her. He swore to himself that he would never do their bidding.

He kept telling himself he would do whatever it took to get back to his mother, but he had tried; the walls of his prison were unbreachable, built for the purpose of keeping him in. He didn’t know how long he had been trapped, but it felt like years. There was nothing to do, nothing to see, no one to talk to, nothing to hear but the muted sound of the human’s voice. He was never fed, too tormented to sleep, so cold that his trembling was near constant, so very lonely. He missed… everything. In this place he had nothing. Absolutely nothing.

His ears perked up. He heard something. He knew the old human’s voice by heart, and had learned to ignore it, but this sound was different.

“I have to have a Pokémon!” It was a croaky voice, loud and squeaky, full of determination. So this was it, a human had finally decided to take him and use him as its slave. He would never obey; as soon as he was let out from his ball, he would run, and find his way back home.

A loud click sounded and a glaring light blinded him. It seemed his prayers to Ho-oh had been answered, but he did not come out quietly like he had planned. Instead he jumped out in a storm of electricity, shooting sparks and roaring his name in a great rage. But then he remembered; he had to stay calm, otherwise the horrible human would throw him right back into his cell.

His vision cleared and two humans stood before him. The one on the left was the usual, Professor Oak, the man who had ripped him away from his loving family and tossed him into this dim, uneventful life. This other human was much shorter than his counterpart. It had messy black hair, spiked up in all directions, and a calm innocent look on its young face. Its eyes were large and curious and below each, was a z-shaped scar etched into its soft ivory skin.

The professor spoke. “Its name is Pikachu.”

No. That was not his name. His name was Robert.

“It’s so cute, it’s the best of all!” The young human smiled as it fastened its slimy fingers around Robert’s waist and lifted him from the ground, holding him at eye level. “Hi Pikachu!”

Robert frowned, then growled. This nasty creature was touching him! He could not contain himself. He felt his power begin to surge, then a massive jolt of electricity blasted from the red pouches on his cheeks. He heard a pained scream and felt himself release from the human’s nasty grasp. He landed gently on all fours, ears perked up, tail bent, charged with power. Now was the time to escape.

Robert ran forward, head scanning the room for any exits, but all he could see were the metallic legs of the lab tables and swivels of the chairs. Then he saw it; a faint light glowing from beneath a sturdy grey door. He ran for it, bolting ahead full speed; he would ram through it and finally taste the fresh air again. But all that hope was taken from him as he felt himself dematerialize and shoot back into the dreaded red ball.

“Well, there you are, Ash. Pikachu will be your Pokémon companion.” Robert heard the professor sigh through the thick wall of his dungeon. “I just can’t seem to figure it out. Why do these Pokémon hate us so much? They should show more compassion after all we do for them; we wash them, feed them, love them, give them a nice comfy home, give them friends, everything they could ask for, but still, they act as if we’ve given them nothing.”

The professor’s lies were outrageous! They weren’t helping the poor Pokémon, they were snatching them from their homes and families, taking away everything they had ever known and loved, forcing them to fight endlessly to the near death, to the point where they lost consciousness, and then they were healed just so they could get bashed and battered all over again! These humans were truly monsters, no Pokémon would ever love them.

“Well Ash, you know the rules about Pokémon, I’m sure, but just let me remind you. You must be careful out there in the wild, most of these animals are feral and will attack on sight, use your Pikachu to defend you. It may be hard to get it to help you at first, but feed it some Grepa berries and that should raise its friendliness towards you. When you travel, make sure you keep it in its ball until you find some of these berries. If you let your Pikachu out, and it attacks you or runs away, just click the center button on your Pokéball and it will go back inside to its comfortable home. Just make sure you click it while it is still in range, otherwise your Pikachu will be gone forever, and I know you don’t want that. Now take these, your Pokédex and Pokéballs.”

Robert was ready. He charged his power, cheeks sparked, claws extended, tail set for a thunderous strike, light on his toes, in a readied stance. As soon as this boy let him out, he would release a devastating blast and escape from the human’s sight as fast as he could, before he could be pulled back into the ball. Then he could finally get back home, to his family.

Robert could hear chatter on the outside. His new master, Ash, was talking with another human, a female one, most likely his mother. “Oh Ash, I’m so proud of you. You’re finally going to fulfill your dream and start your Pokémon training, but I… I’m going to miss you so much.” He heard the woman sniffle. “Oh, my little boy.”

“It’s okay mom, with my new Pikachu by my side, I’ll catch all the Pokémon in the world!”

Robert felt his rage grow. Who did this human think he was? This boy, Ash, was a beast beyond comprehension; his goal was to stomp through the world, taking little Pokémon from their homes and destroying their lives. And Ash thought he could use Robert to do it. There was absolutely no way, he would listen to this disgusting creature. No way! How could anyone in the right mind think that was acceptable? Robert could not wrap his head around the human mind, but what he did know was that the Pokémon needed to stand up for themselves and get their revenge. After Robert tasted his freedom and reunited with his family, he would amass an army and destroy the humans and everything that was dear to them. They would get a taste of their own medicine.

There was silence for a while, maybe an hour, it was hard to tell time in his cramped cage. Then Ash began to speak. “Oh Pikachu, isn’t this great? You and me, on our first adventure together! I’m so excited, us two are going to explore the whole world and catch every Pokémon there is, then I will be the greatest Pokémon trainer ever!”

Robert swelled with wrath, this human was making him angry beyond control. He felt himself begin to shake and his power surged wildly through his veins, sparking off his glowing form and jolting the steel walls of his prison. He had to escape before this human found these Grepa Berries; before he could be turned to its side.

Ash seemed to take notice of the sudden movement of the ball in his hand, but he took it as a sign of approval. “You agree with me Pikachu? Yay! I’m glad you want to help me, and I feel your excitement and urge to be free, but I can’t let you out yet. Not until I get those berries.”

From there, the human continued with his incessant blathering, talking about how much he loved Robert and how great a trainer he would become. But Robert hated Ash. He wanted revenge, and when he had the chance to get it, he would take it.

“A Pidgey!” The thrilled shout came from Ash. “Aw man, I haven’t seen any Grepa berries yet, but I can’t let this opportunity pass me by. So I will catch this thing all by myself!” Robert heard a click. Ash must have been preparing a Pokéball for this poor Pidgey. “Alright, I’ve pledged to get all the Pokémon in the world, now I’m ready to take the next step to be the number one Pokémon master. Enjoy your last moments of freedom Pidgey, ‘cause you’re mine!”

Robert wasn’t exactly sure how it went about, but he knew Ash failed to capture the Pidgey. The boy let out a heavy sigh, but Robert smiled, he was glad the Pidgey got away. But Ash was not done. He saw another Pokémon.

“Aha, a Spearow. I’ll get you this time!” The human grunted as he hurled what could only be a projectile at the unlucky Pokémon, but Robert knew that was Ash’s mistake. Spearow had an awful temper and they hated humans worst of all. They often flocked together in massive groups comprised of over fifty birds and attacked the humans, pecking at them with sharp beaks, ripping at their soft flesh with piercing talons. Ash was in for it.

A parade of shrilling caws sounded, the cry of an enraged flock of Spearow, and was accompanied by a terrified humanoid scream. Robert jounced around in his ball, smacking his head against the roof, banging into the sides, bruising his aching bones; Ash was running for his life.

“Don’t worry, Pikachu. No matter what, I’ll save you.” Like hell. Robert wasn’t the one these Spearow were after, Ash was the one in trouble. He heard a sudden crackle of thunder, and Robert grinned. It was the perfect weather to escape in, he could use this storm to his advantage; by combining his electricity with that of the storm, he could obliterate anything.

“Oh no, Pikachu, they’re getting close. I can’t outrun them, but you can, I can’t let them get to you. I won’t let them hurt you! You are a good Pokémon, no matter what Professor Oak thinks of you. Go free, and save yourself, and always remember me!”

Robert flashed from his prison into the tempestuous land beyond. He crashed onto a dirt path and looked up to see Ash running toward him. His face was stained in terror as a massive army of incensed Spearow darted after him.

How stupid was this human, to think that Robert would forgive him after all the humans had done to him? This beast was one of those nasty beings who had taken everything from him, and this one was worse than the rest; he wished to do the same to every Pokémon!

Robert’s rage grew beyond its bounds; his entire body crackled and sparkled, and before he could stop it, a charged bolt of lightning slammed into him. He absorbed its energy, combining it with his own, and with a thundering shout of his name, Robert exploded, releasing an earth-shattering blast of electricity.

Robert awoke after what seemed like days, but the cooling rain still pounded against his bruised hide, so it couldn’t have been long. He pushed himself to his feet, shaking with a tremendous weakness; he had completely drained himself, using up all his electricity in his uncontrollable attack. He stood on a trodden mud path, lush green grass stood out on either side of him, the wind rustled his fur, driblets of water poured into his mouth and cleaned his smeared coat. It was great, he was finally free after years of torturous captivity. His eyes flicked across the beaten road to Ash’s carcass. The human’s soft pink flesh had been charred, burnt to a crispy black crust. Small bubbles of red tissue bubbled and sputtered, sizzling with heat, and his mop of hair was seared, leaving only small patches of scorched fur.

Robert took in the picture for a long time, breathing slowly, finally calm and at peace after endless torture. This human got what he deserved. Robert was a hero, he had saved thousands of Pokémon that would have been enslaved under this boy’s blighted hand. A smile emerged on Robert’s face; he could already imagine it now, soon he would be back home with his mother, and he knew exactly how to get there. He could catch her scent from miles away and he had already caught a hold of it. His head turned from the image and scampered into the trees, ready to reunite with his family.

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2 thoughts on “A Shocking Revenge – Pokémon Fanfiction

  1. Had some time today and read your story. A bit lurid but developed a nice plot. Even for a non Pokemon person the story line was well developed. You are a talented young man.


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