2019 Trip: Find of the Day #4

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

A whirring buzz sounded over my head, and a small gust of wind followed in its wake.

It wasn’t a bird. And It wasn’t a plane.

It was another bee. But this one was big; really big. It made the white-tailed bumblebee I saw the other day look like a baby in comparison.

It hovered in front of my face, staring me down as if I were prey. It hung there for a few moments, it’s buzzing beat ringing in my ears.

I feared it would strike, and that I would be left with a pulsing welt. I was fortunate. The field of flowers looked more appetizing than a human.

Violet Carpenter Bee

Day 1: Switzerland (Brown Marmorated Stinkbug)

Day 2: France (Chalkhill Blue)

Day 3: Switzerland (White-tailed Bumblebee)

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