2019 Trip: Find of the Day #6

Location: Hong Kong

Imagine walking through a dense forest path in the middle of nowhere. Pointed stones are jutting from jagged rocks and gnarled branches that take pleasure in grabbing the feet of unwary hikers. To your immediate left is a steep drop off to what would be certain doom.

You would have to keep your eyes glued to the ground.

But what if… there were giant spiders THE SIZE OF YOUR FACE hanging from trees in the middle of your path?

You look up to avoid them, and you risk tripping and falling over the edge.

You look down to avoid the trail hazards, and you risk getting your face caught in a web you really don’t want it to be stuck in.

Giant Golden Orbweaver

Day 1: Brown Marmorated Stinkbug Switzerland)

Day 2: Chalkhill Blue (France)

Day 3: White-tailed Bumblebee (Switzerland)

Day 4: Violet Carpenter Bee (Switzerland)

Day 5: Chinese Narrow-disked Gecko (Hong Kong)

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