2019 Trip: Find of the Day #8

Location: Hong Kong

The sweltering rays sizzled down at me from the scorching sun. Standing still only made things hotter. But the viewpoints at Dragon Peak were truly sights to behold.

While both melting under the glaring sun and taking in the serene picture, I caught a slight movement on a branch below. It moved like a chameleon, though I was sure no chameleons came from Hong Kong.

Changeable Lizard

Day 1: Brown Marmorated Stinkbug Switzerland)

Day 2: Chalkhill Blue (France)

Day 3: White-tailed Bumblebee (Switzerland)

Day 4: Violet Carpenter Bee (Switzerland)

Day 5: Chinese Narrow-disked Gecko (Hong Kong)

Day 6: Giant Golden Orbweaver (Hong Kong)

Day 7: Plain Tiger Butterfly (Hong Kong)

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