2019 Trip: Find of the Day #10

Location: Kagoshima, Japan

The garden was alive with the annoying buzz of cicadas. Not semi-annoying cricket chirps… no, even those would be welcoming over the ear-piercing crescendo of the cicada.

It is a common sound; I hear it on hikes through forests and in my backyard. The annoying… LOUD… nonstop… buzzing.

As often as I hear it, I rarely catch sight of the insects that make it. But here in Kagoshima, there were hundreds. I nearly went deaf.

Cryptotympana Facialis
Large Brown Cicada

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One thought on “2019 Trip: Find of the Day #10

  1. Even though I agree that their noise is ear-piercing, it is surprising to see how beautiful their wings are. Amazing pictures.


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