Night Life at Victoria Peak

Location: Hong Kong

My time in Hong Kong began at 10pm in the pitch black of night. And as soon as we dealt with our lost baggage and met with our extremely friendly airbnb host, we were ready for our first hike.

I wasn’t tired at all; it still felt like 4pm after spending a few days in Switzerland. But my head was bothering me quite a bit. It was the stress of the last few hours that was doing it to me. Our flight from Geneva to Zurich was delayed by nearly an hour, and we barely made it onto our connecting flight to Hong Kong in time. Unfortunately, the rush left many families’ baggage behind in Switzerland, including my own. The good news was, the bags were supposed to arrive the next morning.

With everything set, we took a taxi up to a trail leading up to Victoria Peak. My father wanted to take some photos of the city at night.

It was very dark, and foggy too. The orange light from the lampposts cast eerie glows through the mist, and I felt like I was in some kind of horror movie.

I thought that at such a light time, and in such darkness, there was no way I would see any animals. I looked anyway. I kept my iPhone8 in hand with my flashlight on. I scanned the dripping leaves and the damp walls. And I was surprised by the amount of life I found.

I saw a translucent bug that reminded me of a Pill Bug mixed with jelly.


I saw a freaky looking ant with an abnormally small head

And a bright red beetle that looked like it wanted me dead.

Dindymus Sanguineus

A pair of geckos hanging out on a wall.

Chinese Narrow-disked Gecko

And a spotted millipede that was really small.

Helicorthomorpha Holstii

There was a dragonfly hanging out on a plant.

Wandering Glider

And a frog laying aslant.

Brown Tree Frog

I saw a massive cricket with antenna four times the length of its body

Ocellarnaca Furcifera

And a snail stuck to a tree (it’s actually on a rock, but rock doesn’t rhyme with body…)

Asain Tramp Snail

And finally, a spider made from glittering gems watching its shadow.


And then we we made it to Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak

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