Tasty Fries – The Lonely Grackle Part II

Check out the first part of the story here: The Lonely Grackle.

Location: Vaughan, Canada

There I stood. Alone. Defeated. Suffering. Staring into an empty oblivion.

I cawed for my family to return, but all that came out was a grating croak that sent the sparrows fluttering away.

My feathers shuddered. No one understood me. All I wanted was a friend.

I stood there awhile, listening to my stomach rumble. There was enough food to feed an entire flock, but I couldn’t eat. It was time to go.

I spread my ragged wings, and bent my aching knees. Then I stopped. I heard something.

A flurry of taps pattered beneath my table. It wasn’t a human. It couldn’t have been. They were too big to fit in such a space.

I hopped to the edge, and poked my head under, and to my surprise, a cute little mammal met my gaze.


I gave it my best look, one with all my heart. And you know what? I think I did pretty well, wouldn’t you say?

For a moment, I actually thought I succeeded; that I had given this mammal reason to trust me. But as I leaned in closer, it darted away.

I heard another rumble, but this one wasn’t my own. Then I realized, this mammal, it was just like me. It was alone and hungry, staring off into the distance, most likely dreaming of the world it wished it was in.

I bent my back, with a groan and a grumble, and set the point of my beak on a dirty plate. I grabbed a cookie, and flung it to the mammal.

The mammal leapt on the cookie, and ate it in five bites, then picked the ground for all the fallen crumbs. It looked to me, and I think I saw it smile. Then it ran.

It stopped beneath my table and outstretched two paws. It was the first time anyone had ever asked me for something.

There was one other plate on my table, and this one was full of fries. It really was a wonder to me why the humans wasted all this perfectly good food. But I was glad. More for me and my mammalian friend.

I tossed it fry after fry, smiling with delight as my friend gobbled them down. I made sure to eat the occasional one myself, but the majority went to my lovely friend.

We stayed there all night, eating those tasty fries! It was the feast I always wanted, and I finally found myself a friend to enjoy it with!

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