Wasps & Bees of Ontario

Location: Ontario, Canada

I never realized we had so many different wasps and bees in Ontario! Here are some of my favourites photographed this past year.

Dark Paper Wasp

Sand-Loving Wasps

Great Golden Digger Wasp

Great Black Digger Wasp


Four-toothed Mason Wasp

Parancistrocerus Leionotus

Common Thread-waisted Wasp


Texas Striped Sweat Bee

Bald-faced Hornet

Brown-belted Bumble Bee

Yellow-legged Mud-dauber Wasp

Mexican Grass-Carrying Wasp


Common Eastern Physocephala

Fraternal Potter Wasp

European Paper Wasp


Metallic Sweat Bees

Common Eastern Bumble Bee

Ligated Furrow Bee

Let me know your favourite in the comments below! Mine is the Great Golden Digger Wasp!

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11 thoughts on “Wasps & Bees of Ontario

    1. i thought the thread waisted wasp was quite unique as well. And it is hard to imagine that this is only a small handful of the numerous wasps and bees found around here


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