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  • Snow-back Goose

    26 Mar 2020 by

    Introducing the all-new Snow-back Goose! Please leave a like and consider following if you enjoyed!

  • Colour

    25 Mar 2020 by

    If you look hard enough, there is always colour, even in the bleakest of days.

  • Pretty Pigeon

    18 Jan 2020 by

    Location: Kagoshima, Japan I sit upon this rock, still as a statue, putting my beauty on display for all to see. Sleek black feathers, lined with lustrous emerald and amethyst streaks. Beady orange eyes, glimmering like a polished citrine gem. Posture, proud and tall; standing elegantly upon my noble talons. Many fail to see the… Read more

  • A Puzzling Sight

    28 Nov 2019 by

    Location: Geneva, Switzerland This tree was a most unusual find. With spiky limbs and leaves shaped like a reptile’s scales, it was named due to the difficulty a monkey would have climbing such a plant. Please leave a like and consider following if you enjoyed!

  • Withered

    25 Nov 2019 by

    Twisted twigs and lifeless leaves, all wilted and shriveled. Here lies the grasshopper.

  • Ipomoea Indica

    7 Nov 2019 by

    The oceanblue morning glory… what a perfect name for this vibrant purple flower!

  • Party on the Pods

    6 Nov 2019 by

    Every week, the milkweed bugs collect on the pods to catch up on their rather interesting lives.

  • Galaxy Eyes

    2 Nov 2019 by

    Location: Shek O, Hong Kong I stared into it’s eyes and within them, I saw a galaxy; swirling masses of celestial cyan dust streaking through the crimson void of space. Please leave a like and consider following if you enjoyed!

  • The Wart Biter

    1 Nov 2019 by

    Have a wart that you just can’t get rid of? Why don’t you just head out to France and find yourself a giant cricket named to do the very thing?

  • The Helping Hand

    28 Oct 2019 by

    I have photographed many animals, from tiny little ants scurrying across a pebbled path, to giant humpback whales gliding majestically through the ocean. I have had my difficulties, trying to get the perfect close up of a hummingbird or a butterfly before it flutters off. But none have given me more trouble than…. SPIDERS.

  • Floridian Flowers

    27 Oct 2019 by

    A colourful gallery of the most enchanting flowers I have photographed across St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • Colourful Camouflage

    26 Oct 2019 by

    Location: Kagoshima, Japan A rustle of leaves sounded beneath my feet, and my eyes flicked to the ground. I scanned the patch of twisted twigs and other litterfall, hoping to catch the source. But it was either too fast or it hid itself too well, for when I looked, this is all I saw:

  • The Shrouded Soul

    24 Sep 2019 by

    “The ethereal pall before me dispersed, and from the crevice came a mighty figure. Body a vast pool of eddying dust, dark as night; eyes crimson flames, swallowing any mortal who catches their fiery glare; limbs broad and powerful, a shimmering red glow coursing through– his Keinblood. Daradeiras, the shrouded soul. The most twisted of… Read more

  • Hiding from Heat

    9 Sep 2019 by

    Location: Hojancha, Costa Rica It was a hot day. I ran down a long slope. Walking would have only made things more difficult (fighting against momentum is not a fun thing). I slowed as I approached a particularly inviting pool. Jumping in and having the cool water seep into my broiling flesh was a pleasant… Read more

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