Into the Badlands

Location: Ontario, Canada

Just recently, my family and I ventured up to Caledon to see the Cheltenham Badlands.

Our trip began through a deer fly infested path, with long-limbed trees stretching their arms across our way. And when I say, infested with deer flies, I mean it; there were hundreds of them.

There was a constant buzz above my head, and I had to run to keep them from landing. The problem was, it was extremely hot, and I was already tired from the long car ride. But I had to run. If I stopped for so much as a second, the assault force would land, and they would strike hard and fast.

I began to swipe my hands through the air, hoping to catch my assailants and crush them in my fist. There were enough that it wasn’t hard to do, but with every one I crushed, two more seemed to take its place.

I knew I must have looked ridiculous, running through the woods, arms flailing over my head like a madman. Fortunately, my family seemed to be the only ones who had come for the hike.

Deer Fly

I have a terrible reaction to insect bites, so thankfully I was bit only 3 times.

It was hard to stop and take pictures of the few interesting things I saw. Every time I did, I became a landing pad for the bugs, but I managed to stop and snag a few with my Iphone8 and leave unscathed.

Near the end of the path, I found an interesting looking spider, but these web-weaving arachnids are always the most difficult animals to get pictures of. My Iphone8 often has trouble seeing them, and focuses instead on the leaves behind. Luckily, my brother is always around to help.

Cross Orbweaver

When the trail ended, we came to a bridge built over the badlands. Unfortunately, due to tourist damage, the badlands themselves were fenced off. But it was still a spectacular view.

Cheltenham  Badlands

We only managed to look for a couple minutes before the overbearing heat forced us back to our car to hydrate and rest.

It was a great family weekend adventure, and I am looking forward to plenty more to come.

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One thought on “Into the Badlands

  1. I have never seen the badlands and they sure are different. Your post makes me want to go to see them…..hopefully after the deer flies are gone.


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